WUNDER2 Tips and Tricks

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WUNDER2 Tips and Tricks

Wunder2 Secrets

Wunder2 – High-Tech Beauty

1. Brows are sisters not twins – Remember this tip when you’re using your WUNDERBROW! Apply WUNDERBROW to complement each of your brows, rather than making them look the same. This will ensure they look and stay fabulous!

HOW TO: WUNDERBROW with Matin Maulawizada from WUNDER2 on Vimeo.

2. A little goes a long way – Many of our products including WUNDERBROW, WUNDERLIFT and COVERPROOF require only a small amount to be used. Simply apply the tiniest amount to get the best results and a flawless finish.

3. How to remove – Some of our products like WUNDERBROW and WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension Stain Mascara are each designed to be transfer-proof and waterproof. To remove, simply use an oil based cleanser to break down these products and remove them with ease!

4. Two tips to help you get the lashes you want – Hold the wand horizontally for a thicker looking lash, or turn it vertically for a more natural looking lash. So, the next time you use your WUNDEREXTENSIONS Mascara try both tips to get the lashes you want!

HOW TO: WUNDEREXTENSIONS Mascaras with Matin Maulawizada from WUNDER2 on Vimeo.

5. Easily conceal any blemishes – Once you have applied COVERPROOF, you can then reapply on problem areas to act as a concealer for extra coverage where needed. A two-in-one beauty product – now isn’t convenient!


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