What does Smart Casual actually mean?




The Smart Casual look seems to be a very confusing dress code, and it is all about balance. The balance bewtween overdressed and not-giving-a-damn-at-all. Smart Casual also allows a great amount of flexibility for personal taste, and this guide will provide you some tips to look smarter than the average guys with your smart casual outfits.

1. Wear jeans

When you swap your trousers of a formal smart outfit to a pair of jeans, you instantly get a smart casual look. We suggest you to get the darkest pair of denim you can get, because it makes you look more mature.


2. Have a signature blazer

Jackets in black, navy or grey are way too formal, so try to have  a blazer in light blue, earth colour or even a lighter colour. Just don’t blend in!

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3. Wear patterned shirts

Plain white shirts are often the core of formal  outfits, so let’s prepare some patterned or block-colour shirts, according to your skin tone and personality.



4. Make Use of Knitwear

Knitwear can definitely add a lot of layers, and warmth in the colder seasons, to your smarten up your look.



5. Wear brogue boots

Boots , especially those with brogue, are so elegant but not as formal as your daily office shoes. Everyone should have a pair or two in his wardore.



The smart casual look really includes a variety of options, and at the end of the day, it all depends on your personality and taste. And if you invest enough time on it, it can make you look stylish for everything from office dress to dinner dates.