Skincare Product Can Protect Skin From Smart Phone Damage

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We all love our smart gadgets, it is difficult to leave the house without them! 52% of US Millennials aged 18-22 say they find social media addictive and most were born with a smartphone or device in hand. Whether scrolling through Instagram or shopping online, believe it or not we are exposed to high energy visible light (HEVL) or ‘blue light’ which can elevate stress levels, disrupt your sleep pattern and lead to negative skin and eye health. Continuous, long-term exposure of HEVL does take a toll on the skin with exposure expected to accelerate pigmentation changes and add more fine-lines and wrinkles to our faces!

Knowledge about the effects of too much ‘blue light’ exposure is driving young skincare consumers to fear aging and seek anti-aging and pro-health skin products from as early as age 18. We know about UVA and UVB sun rays causing damage to the skin, but the damage caused by HEVL is not often discussed. ‘Blue light’ exposure leads to an increased number of oxidants on the skin that exceed the natural antioxidant defence system capacity. This is called oxidative stress and can lead to premature aging. How can we combat this? The secret is good, protective skincare.

The deep cleansing action of the GEL2FOAM technology in WUNDER2’s WUNDERTOX Detox Cleansing Mask removes any existing impurities and environmental pollutants, but also protects from further damage from free-radicals and ‘blue light’ when using smartphones or tablets. WUNDERTOX releases oxygen and a cocktail of vitamins into the skin which uniquely helps to purify and detoxify the skin from oxidative stress caused by HEVL. Using WUNDERTOX up to 3 days a week ensures your skin looks healthy and has a natural glow. Simply massage a generous layer of the gel onto damp skin and wait two minutes until a full foam forms. Rinse well and your skin will feel more energized and refreshed.

• Protects skin cells from further free-radical, environmental damage and ‘blue light damage’ from smartphones and devices
• Delivers oxygen to the skin with innovative GEL2FOAM technology
• Cleanses impurities and pollutants from the skin surface


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Victoria Kostoula