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There is no doubt that the beauty trend of big, full lips is on everybody’s radar. From Snapchat filters, to celebrities on Instagram – bigger seems to be better and some will even go to painful extremes to achieve fuller, more pouty lips. However now people want the same results but at home without the price tag. This has lead to the creation of ‘at home’ devices designed to enhance the lips, however this can be very dangerous, painful and cause heightened damage to the lips and surrounding skin.

So how do we get more kissable lips without the price tag, surgery or pain? Cue WUNDERKISS, launched recently from the creators of cult eyebrow makeup product WUNDERBROW – a lip plumping gloss that gives you hydrated and naturally plumper looking lips instantly. WUNDERKISS works differently from any other lip plumper on the market so you can expect to experience unique and enhanced results. WUNDERKISS ’ dual-phase formula can create a natural, ever so slightly enhanced lip to a pout that would rival any Instagram celebrity we see today. Plumper, more voluminous and hydrated lips in under 2 minutes that will last for hours.


The science and technology behind WUNDERKISS is very exciting and revolutionary. Dermaporting technology is used to deliver a concentrated collagen and hyaluronic acid complex to the surface of the lips. These are both ‘super ingredients’ for plumping and smoothing the skin. Usually these molecules are quite large and are not easily absorbed into the skin, but the Dermaporting Technology ‘tricks’ the skin into accepting these molecules and creating beautiful, enhanced results! Vitamin B3 Heating and Cooling agents are then used to speed up the blood circulation in the lips, enhancing them naturally to your desired level.

“This definitely works. The instructions are clear and very helpful! I also like the tingling sensation and it plumps my lips nicely.” Tina Brown – Amazon


The fantastic thing about WUNDERKISS is that it is simple to use. You just apply WUNDERKISS to directly to your lips and you wait for two minutes. You can either use alone or apply lipstick over WUNDERKISS. Feel free to re-apply during the day as needed. The formula is very comfortable and wearable and even makes for a great base for any lip colors! And this can all be achieved using WUNDERKISS in the courtesy of your own home without the price tag or the pain of cosmetic surgery.

No needles. No discomfort. Just beautiful, kissable lips.


There is FREE shipping and a risk-free 30 day money back guarantee! What are you waiting for?!

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The results are in the Science

Studies performed by internationally recognised BioScreen Testing Services, Inc. Full results at


Victoria Kostoula