The Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide That Will Put a Smile on Your Mum’s Face

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mother's day gift guide Wunder2

Mother’s Day is around the corner and the search for the ultimate gift has begun. We thought that the best way to show your mum how much you care is with a range of innovative beauty essentials. We didn’t want to focus on ordinary makeup that all women have in their beauty bag, but on something unique and high tech, something that would make your mum feel extra beautiful and special as she should. Here are the four beauty items your mum will love!


Your mum will never be afraid of ageing signs again! Wunderlift has the magical power of instantly reducing wrinkles and firming up the skin for up to 8 hours. This product will be your mother’s skincare hero and her everyday best friend.

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Finally, a long-lasting foundation mum can count on! Coverproof Foundation is here to ensure her base stays fresh and nourished all day long. It’s time you give her that flawless feeling.

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Mums are always busy taking care of EVERYTHING so they need something that is long-lasting and hassle free. Wunderbrow is here to give your mum the perfect brows she always wanted but didn’t have time to do. And the best part? It stays for up to 3 days and it’s totally waterproof. She will be thanking you!

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After a long day, mum deserves that “spa” feeling. We’ve spotted the best product that will purify and totally energize her skin. Wundertox will become her favourite cleansing detox mask. P.s she will love its foaming formula!

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So, what are you waiting for? Get your mum this unique beauty gift set and we assure you that you won’t stop looking at her big, happy smile!




Victoria Kostoula