Get Your Brows into Shape the Easy Way

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wunderbrow - before and after

Have you ever wondered how to shape your brows to get them looking the most natural?

Then you are not alone! Here is a quick and simple guide to help you achieve beautiful, natural looking brows.

You can use your WUNDERBROW Dual Precision Brush to measure the 3 points below:

1. Your brow should start from the side of your nose. Measure from the tip directly vertical.

2. Your brow should arch starting from the outer third of your eye. Measure from the tip of the nose.


3. Your brow should finish from the end point of your eye. Measure diagonally from the end of your eye.


4. Use WUNDERBROW to fill in the marked points with light, feather-like strokes.


5. Take your spoolie then brush upwards and outwards to soften up the product.


Now that you have completed these 5 simple steps, your brows are perfectly positioned. Thanks to WUNDERBROW your newly, well defined brows will look healthier and fuller but also make all the difference in framing your face. Eyebrows help to accentuate bone structure and add a youthfulness to our look that no mascara, eye shadow or eyeliner can.

Try WUNDERBROW today for the easiest solution to perfect brows! With FREE shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee – what are you waiting for?


Victoria Kostoula