A Purifying Mask that Transforms Right Before Your Eyes!

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A Purifying Mask that Transforms Right Before Your Eyes!

Wunder2 Secrets

Wunder2 – High Tech Beauty

HOW TO: WUNDERTOX with Matin Maulawizada from WUNDER2 on Vimeo.

Our bodies need oxygen to function, so why should our skin be any different?! Introducing WUNDERTOX, a gel treatment that begins to foam in seconds through its exclusive and innovative GEL2FOAM technology. WUNDERTOX
instantly delivers a shot oxygen and moisture into the pores and then gently cleanses and detoxifies the skin.

Our skin goes through a lot during our day-to-day lives making it feel and look tired. Therefore, we need to use a cleanser that will not only remove impurities and pollutants but also give back to your skin the protection it needs to be healthy! This is where WUNDERTOX comes in to play – use whenever your skin needs a boost and then your dull skin will appear more youthful and energized with a fresh look and feel.

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